Saturday 24 August 2013

Another beautiful mountain-biking day!

About halfway on the Kennedy's Bush Track
Today I rode a few cool MTB tracks in the Port Hills. I got up early and headed to the Kennedy's Bush Track. After a hour or two I reached the summit at 442m, and underway I met some people from the Canterbury Mountain Bike Club. They were very kind to show some more nice (and not too difficult) MTB tracks: the Bowenvale Travese Track and the Mt Vernon Track. The group also took the Flying Nun, which I bypassed by taking the Summit Road instead as my bike doesn't have front suspensions.

There is a sheep standing on the cliff!

Somewhere along Summit Road.
I then rode the Mt Vernon Farm Track back to Christchurch, tired but very pleased after another magnificent day!

Some daffodils in the Botanic Gardens.
I will come again in summer when all flowers bloom!
There are giant trees too! Fourteen footsteps were needed to walk around this tree trunk.
Oh, did I already say that there are really big trees in the green center of Christchurch?!

Oh, I also washed my clothes yesterderday.

In the washing room.

There are two machines: a washer and a dryer. I put my clothes in the left machine, inserted two $1 coins, add some washing powder and started it. After one hour, I put my clothes in the right machine, inserted two $1 coins, added some washing powder and start it. After one more hour, I put my clothes in the left machine again (because it turned out that this is the drying machine). I insert one $1 coin and desperately looked for another $1 coin, trying some similar-sized Euro and Arabic coins, but none were accepted. I didn't want to explain to the reception staff why I needed money exchange again, and hung my clothes on the washing line outside. A few hours later it started raining (for the first time after my plane landed), but I didn't care about taking them inside. But after rain comes sun, and today all my clothes were dry and clean!


  1. What a super holiday. Have fun !

  2. Hi Vince, beautiful pictures you made.
    Reading your report we know you have happy holidays and you 're almost integrated!