Tuesday 27 August 2013

The Cathedral of Christchurch

The once so beautiful Cathedral of Christchurch, lies now in ruins. It is very sad to see it in this state. Already half-demolished, it is waiting for its fate, which might be total demolition if the rest is also damaged beyond repair.

Many other buildings were also damaged and subsequently demolished. As a result, there are many open spaces in the city centre. Some are used as parking places, but many are simply dead gaps in the city where nobody comes.

Luckily, there are is also a strong community project going on: the Gap Filler. This is one of the gaps that have been filled with life. The blue stacked pallets surround a nice terrace where I had a cup of chocolate. There are games, music and activities being organized. This, and other projects can be seen at www.gapfiller.org.nz .

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