Saturday 7 September 2013

Hanmer Springs

Today we went to Hanmer Springs. It's actually an 1.5 hour drive from Chch, but we did it in 2.5 hours because we took a 2nd breakfast somewhere halfway.

We rushed to the nearest MtVeryHigh and quickly had a view over the Hanmer village.

One snooze later reached the top, only to find out that there were many MtEvenHighers around us.

At least we can put things in an advantageous perspective ;)

The rest of the day we went to the hot springs, of which Hanmer is famous of. The numerous sub-pools had different temperatures (up to 42°) and various (more or less salty) compositions, presumed to be very healthy for us. So we didn't take the showers afterwards, and are excited to see what will happen to us in the next days!

Just outside the village, we tasted a bit of wine at a wineyard with this view over a river flowing through the hills. Maybe a nice rafting place?

Then went back home in Andy's car. Here you see its shadow, ...

... cast by the setting sun.

Back home we baked some hamburgers, and I learnt a lesson: don't put bread roll under the grill for too long! One literally burst into flames...

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