Sunday 22 September 2013

New Brighton Pier

On Saturday I went to the New Brighton Pier:

It turned out that it is primarily used for fishing. A kid happily showed me his catch of the day:

Many birds were on the lookout for some fishy leftovers:

After enjoying my dinner in Pier Side Café, I made some night shots:

Finally I returned back home in my cool car, the first one I ever bought myself:

It's the mirror twin of my family's "Zoefert" we have back home :) We drive on the left side of the road here, so I sit in the right seat. But you get used to it really quickly.

And on Sunday I drove along the Great Alpine Highway to visit the Castle Hill. It was a beautiful drive in the mountains, and a quite amazing walk among the numerous oddly-shaped rock formations!

My housemates didn't go along, mostly because I have no housemates at all, at the moment! Paola has found a cheaper room, Andy is in Wellington for a few weeks, the French gang have returned home and the skiing-plans on Sunday with some other dutchies were postponed due to bad forecasts. But it wasn't boring to go on my own, not at all!

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  1. Oh yeah, what a cool car....where did I ever see such a nice car ...