Monday 13 January 2014

Abel Tasman

Marahau, December 28. The angel Marjon saved all my problems by handing me a thick envelope, filled with enough $$$ for the rest of my journey. Gabriel, Cyrielle, Arthur and Martha joined the party too. Gabriel and I shuffled one car to the endpoint, and so started the Great Walk a few hours later than the others. Later, Maciek and Laura also joined the party, bringing the total to eight people, of which I had only seen Marjon just once before. But great walks also makes great friends...

Preparing for departure at some campsite

Martha, Cyrielle, Marjon, Arthur, Gabriel, Vincent, Laura, Maciek

The following four days all went quite similar: Get up, swim in the sea (if sunny), breakfast, pack soaked tents, go out walking through forest in rain/sun, make tea/lunch, walk along golden beaches and under palm trees, set up tents, go snorkling (if sunny), make campfire, prepare dinner, count stars in the night sky, tell stories, listen music, go sleep.

Finally, an afternoon full of sun!
One of the campfires we had under the stars
Time to dive into the sea and chase some fish! (yeah, that's me)

Only the last night (Dec 31th) was a little bit different. We had strategically placed Martha's car halfway the last two campsites, and it was filled with wine and tasty food. So we had a good drink at New Year's Eve, and celebrated the first seconds of 2014 at the beach. A few moments later, one rushed into the sea for the traditional New Year's Dive, and many of us (including me) followed! It was cooooooold, but felt awesome and we quickly warmed up again around the massively big fire.

Taking off our clothes before jumping in the sea, in the first minutes of 2014! (30 sec exposure)

I'd say it was an unforgettable way of experiencing New Year. Walking for five days through rain and sun, carrying all the food and stuff in our backpacks, sleeping next to the most golden beaches I have ever seen, turning strangers into friends, swum among beautifully-colored fishes in the (sometimes) crystal clear sea, and simply feeling the air of Nature's freedom, far away from the cities.

Photo album here!

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