Monday 7 October 2013

Carrington Hut

On Saturday we started a new adventure, this time to the Carrington Hut in the Arthur's Pass National Park.

We had to cross a lot of streams, such as this one. Looking for a good spots cross, holding to each other for support, we managed to cross 'em all. The streams together form the Waimakariri river, which flows all way to the sea along Christchurch.

In the forest we could easily follow the path...

... but on the plains of the Waimakariri we mostly had to find a way ourselves, following the general river flow and looking for markers.

Eventually we reached the hut, and we pushed a little further to try out the cool cable lift. By operating the winch (and pulling the rusty cables) we transported Laura to the other side. And back too, of course ;)

This is Carrington Hut, somewhere in the forest close to the river, where we stayed overnight. It's quite large with 36 bunks, a fireplace with plenty of wood (we are a in forest, right), space for cooking, rainwater from the tap: after having walked for 6 hours it is a really welcome place!

In the hut we met other travellers, also there is an Intentions Book in every hut with small notes from everyone: where one's going to, what the current weather is etc.

The next day we journeyed the same way back, along the banks of the Waimakariri.

For more pictures, check the photo album !

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  1. Nice report and beautiful foto's.
    The end sounds like a nice song: "walking along the banks ...of the Waimakariri"
    :) greets!