Thursday 3 October 2013

MTB ride in Hanmer

Last Sunday we went mountainbiking in the hills of Hanmer. It was the third time in one month I got there, each time with a completely different group of kind people. Weather was very fine (dry), but because it had rained the day before the tracks were a bit muddy. Not long after the start we had to cross a stream over a narrow wooden bridge, and make a sharp turn immediately after it. In the turn I slipped and fell down; luckily I could hold myself on a some tree branches to prevent falling into the stream, and got back almost unscratched.

We rode up and down over beautiful tracks, speeding through the forest along narrow tracks, taking sharp bends and occasionally a small jump, after we stopped and took the group picture above. If you right-click and download/open to see full resolution, then you can see we are all pretty much covered in mud. How we got clean? Well, back to the same stream I encountered in the beginning again, but this time riding right into it! After giving the bikes a clean wash, we ourselves went relaxing in the thermal pools of Hanmer Springs, tired but pleased after again a beautiful day!

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