Friday 18 October 2013

Dark Night, Bright Moon

Skies seemed clear again, and house Totara Left Floor headed to Lake Ellesmere.

How different is it with the shining silver disc high in the sky. The moonlight outshone the Milky Way and the faint stars and deep sky objects. Also, clouds were rolling in fast.

Eventually we focused our attention to flash-assisted night portrait photography, and we had fun in setting the angles right for the creepiest effect!

Four noses lined up. Okay, it is a photoshopped combination of two seperate photos. But here you see four of the five flat members of Totara Left Floor.

Well, until yesterday. I have moved to a different room! Twice as big and only half the rent price. A queen-sized bed. Two large doors that open to the outside, and one door directly to the kitchen. A swimming pool in the garden, which the three new housemates quickly set up for me upon arrival. How sweet! So it seems that I can go on with photographying in New Zealand...

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