Tuesday 29 October 2013

Mount Somers

At Labour weekend we headed Mount Somers, one of the mountains I hadn't visited yet. While driving to there, we passed through many beautiful half, full and even double rainbows. Which also meant that we left sunny weather behind and drove straight into the rain.

But we are happy trampers with good gear, and not afraid of some wet weather!

After a few hours we reached Woolshed Creek Hut where, we stayed overnight. It was pretty crowded, a few were sleeping in tents.

But after rain comes sun, and yes, the following morning the skies were crystal clear. But because of the chill nor'wester wind, it was actually colder than the day before when walking over the exposed hilltops!

An interesting place off the main track were the water caves. Actually they are collections of giant boulders with streams running over and through them; you could wade in the water, creep through the narrow holes and climb out of the caves. Yes it was fun!

Halfway we encountered some odd-shaped statue atop of a rock, representing some weird guy from The Netherlands. And a few more hours later, we reached Pinnacle Hut.

Bunks, fireplace, table full of food and games, seperate cooking place, water from rain or mountain streams, other happy trampers to have a chat or play a game with, and above all a roof over our heads: everything and much more we need for a good night's rest!

Then it started snowing. Yes, snow. Snow in spring. From a blue sky. Those nor'wester thing is messing up again, blowing snow all way from the to here. I would not have been surprised if we would have to dig ourself a way out soon.

But weather turned out to be perfect on the third day. The forest got warmed up by the sun really quickly, and we cooled ourselves in the numerous waterfalls and pools, like the one above. After two days without shower, this really comes as a relief!

It was a great trip with the tramping club again! Next one: Welcome Flat Avalanche Peak.

For more photos, see the gallery!

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