Friday 19 December 2014

Craigieburn Forest

My car is all packed with food, drinks, stuff and of course my bike. Time to leave Christchurch and head west.

Getting closer to the mountains!

I set up my tent at a campsite in Craigieburn Forest, along a nice stream.

Cooking food. One day I made a simple pasta meal, another day pancakes was on the menu. The other campers (some Germans and a Dutch family) liked the pancakes too!

There are nice MTB trails in the Craigieburn Forest. Hogs back is an easy ride, going through forests and open lands which gives nice views like the one above.

 I had to be on one picture as well, so here it is.

The Hogs back trail involved crossing a few streams as well.

Not all trails were easy. Some had many tree roots, and the combination of steep slopes with extruding tree roots made some tracks too difficult. So one time I left the bike at the campsite and walked the track instead.

One of such a trail goes from the campsite to the summit of Helicopter hill, 1256m high. It is just over an hour walk from the campsite and offers nice views around. See the 360 degree panorama here. The top is all flat, so that a helicopter could land on it.

At night the skies were all clear, which gave fabulous views to the stars.

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