Sunday 14 December 2014

Haven MTB Park

There are a lot of mountainbiking trails around Christchurch. The Port Hills (today), Bottle Lake Forest (Wednesday) and McLeans Island (not visited yet) have a many nice tracks. But slightly further away there are a few hidden gems as well. Haven MTB park, all constructed by volunteers, is located at about 40 minutes driving from Christchurch. You can read all about the park at . So on one good day, I put my bike in the car and drove to Haven, which turned out to be a wonderful area, exactly suited for my skill level. I will definitely come back one time!

In an old caravan, you can sign the guestbook. The door doesn't close tightly anymore, which is sort of an extreme understatement. The entire carvan is in the process of falling apart, only delayed by the patches of tie-wraps and ducktape. But it is still a caravan, right?!

Beautiful tracks and nice views. You can MTB all way to the top of the hills (using AliTrack followed by Eagle's Nest for example) and have a great view all way around.

One minor incident happend on the Chicken Run track. The front wheel dug into the sand, sliding sideways and the bike collapsed into the position above. No one was hurt by the way, except for a small scratch on my pride. Especially considering that "Chicken Run" is the easy alternative to a more difficult track running in parallel...