Saturday 27 December 2014

Hanmer Springs

Hanmer Springs is a great place for mountainbiking! Long and beautiful tracks for all grades. Mostly going through forests, but you don't have to worry about the tree roots as the tracks are excellently prepared. It is not my first time there: last year I already visited Hanmer Springs a couple of times, so many tracks were quite familiar to me.

I also cycled the Jacks Pass - Jollies Pass loop, a beautiful, not too long circuit over gravel roads.

View from Jacks Pass over the Hanmer Plains.

Besides mountainbiking, I also walked up Mt Isobel (yes, again). From my hostel it was a three hour walk uphill. But this time I ascended in the evening, watched the sun sink down behind the other mountains and stayed on top for half of the night, making numerous photographs and timelapses.

Less than one hour before sunset.

Hanmer Springs at night.

The planet Jupiter with three of its moons.

The journey back was not easy, as there is only a poled route along the ridge and my headlight was too weak to see the path markings from a distance. So I was just walking in the general direction, searching for the route that was not too steep, sometimes retracting my steps. After leaving the ridge, following the path got much easier. When I finally arrived back at the hostel, it was already dawning and I was quite exhausted, sleeping half the day away. But it was totally worth it all! The first series of timelapses look promising, but I need to add more material in order to make a good compilation. Stay tuned!

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